Sandra Tanimura fashion update

February 9th, 2009


Last year a brasilian fashion brand named Sanna’s introduced us a new line of jeans; Ultra Low Hipster jeans designed by japanese fashion designer Sandra Tanimura. All around fashion blogistan those low-cut-trashy-style jeans were more or less a jaw dropper. No one believed that anyone in his right mind would actually wear those jeans (or someone would have such a ‘top model body’ to fit in those). This kind of disliking leads almost always a counter reaction leading to an action where some indiependent / underground hippies will spread the phenomenon onwards.

This time to Derek’s great relief that kind of counter reaction is nowhere to be seen. Or are we just lucky? If someone has seen (or even better: wears them), you are more than welcomed to reveal yourself  in comments.

And the answer to your question:  Yes, of course those jeans are  still available in Sanna’s store.

4 Responses to “Sandra Tanimura fashion update”

  1. Nicole Caverta Says:

    I saw this listed on weblogs dot com

  2. Craig Says:

    I love it, and I hope at least a few adventurous souls wear these!

  3. admin Says:

    Well, Craig, you’re busted. You are a man ;)

    - Derek

  4. Gerrilyn Says:

    Glad I’ve finally found someitnhg I agree with!

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